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Auction Rules




In our auction, you must register in order to bid.  It is an easy process of simply picking a password of your choice. You will receive an email with further instructions which will  complete the registration. For your convenience, we have a LOGIN feature in order to make the auction easier for you to use and we issue a Bidder Number instead of using your alias name when you place bids. See below for more information.


Auctions last 3 or more days ending at 8 or 9:00 p.m. Central Time at which time we close the boards to prevent further bidding. However, we have an Extended Auction or 5 minute rule in effect, so that items still being bid on will remain open until 5 minutes has elapsed without a bid, then that item will close. This rule is applied on an item by item basis and anyone can bid on these items, even if never having bid earlier. NOTE! Example - Our auction extension time starts at 5 minutes TO 8 pm (7:55 pm) (or 9 pm Central depending on auction closing time) and not AT 8 pm! So if you place a bid on an item at 7:57 pm it will automatically extend the closing time for that particular item unti 8:02 pm. If no other bids are placed on the item it will won by the highest and final bidder. This applies to all items in the auction and is a great snipe protection rule. After everything in auction have closed, the auction will be over. At the end of the auction buyers will automatically be notified, within a reasonable time, by e-mail of their winning bids.  Buyer then has 3 days in which to confirm their e-mail notifications WITH PAYMENT INFORMATION. Buyers run the risk of losing their winning bid status if we do not receive a confirmation within that 3 day period, and the item may be sold to the next high bidder at our discretion.



The bid increments are automatically set by our auction program, and you will not be allowed to bid unless you provide the correct bid amount. We have a MAXIMUM BID system in the auction, and you are allowed to raise your Max Bid should you decide to do so.  The program will recognize your previous Max Bid and will only raise it the appropriate amount so you will not be bidding against yourself.

Once you make and confirm a bid, you cannot take it back.  PLEASE BID CAREFULLY!!! By placing a bid, you signify your intention and ability to buy the item at any price up through your maximum bid amount.

When you register you will pick a permanent alias name and must have a valid email address to verify your registration by our return email link. Your email address will not be displayed. Our auction system will choose a permanent BIDDING NUMBER for you and this is what everyone will see when you place a bid. Your alias name will always remain hidden as well. We feel using this Bidder Number system will work effectively to protect your identity when using our auction site. You will still be logging in with your alias name, so please remember to save your registration email with this information noted. You can always access your auction information by clicking on the USER PANEL once you've logged in. Here you may edit/update your address, phone number or email address. 


We are allowing proxy or maximum bids to be used in our auctions.   All you need to do is place the highest amount you are willing to pay for an item and place it in the maximum bid box.  Say for instance, your maximum bid for an item is $50.00. You then bid that amount, but the bid will only be increased by the minimum increment which will show up online. If the item only gets bid up to $15 at close of auction, you will pay the next highest increment or $17 plus our 5% buyers fee (85 cents) to win.  The increments vary as noted in the listing and will not always be set at $2. Proxy bidding's a feature we feel is a great convenience to you and hope it helps you win those special items you really want!


By using our auction service, you agree to follow the AUCTION RULES.  In addition, you agree to the following terms and the others when you go into the Registration area and click I AGREE at bottom of page:

*Users agree to indemnify and hold Linda Payne and LINDA PAYNE AUTOGRAPHS harmless with regard to any loss or damage experienced through use of our auction service.
* We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason we deem appropriate.
* Users must be of legal age with the ability to enter into binding contracts.
* We will not assume responsibility for the content or the context of any listings.
* Users agree to refrain from sending unsolicited commercial e-mail to other users.
* We are not responsible for damage or loss caused by errors in the system or the Internet. If any law related problems arise you will have to file a court petition in a Racine, Wisconsin court ONLY and not in any other state. 

Please click on the ABOUT US tab to view postage/handling fees and other information about us. SEND ALL INQUIRIES TO Linda Payne, 5024 Nature Trl, Racine, WI. 53403-4425.

By entering and using our auction, you agree to and will
abide by the rules and regulations stated above and on the pre-Registration form.

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